The things we learn...

I just realised that there are many things I used to advocate and now am not sure why. I guess it's just being exposed to more well-dressed people and getting a better sense of aesthetics. Among them: 1. The purposely un-anchored button down collar. It seriously just looks better fastened. 2. Button down collar with double cuffs. 3. Bumfreezer coats. 4. Oh God, what the hell was I thinking -- quarter-length athletic socks with dress shoes. On the flip side, there are things I've warmed up to: 1. Sockless loafers and boat shoes. 2. By that same card, penny loafers. I still don't like tassel or bit loafers however. 3. Madras. I can't bring myself to go the full monty with full length trousers though. 4. Slightly highwatered chinos. Go figure.


  1. I'm going to have to disagree with the unbuttoned collar. It can be a great look for the studiously casual guy. Besides, it's very continental Italian and that's rarely a bad thing in fashion.

  2. Can I comment on the comment? (I don't know how these blog things work and I just discovered that Jovan has one, this one, and I'm holding my head in my hands asking "Why, why, why???") Anyway, Swank76, studious and casual are oxymorons and button-down collars, done up or loose are about as far from Italian as Mexico City. Cheerfully, P&P


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