"Great Photos" of stylish men

For anyone looking for stylish men to take inspiration from or just admire, there's a section on The London Lounge forum named "Great Photos." In it is almost every stylish man from Cary Grant to... Prince Bernhard... and some others you probably haven't heard of!

Make sure to give it a look. Here's an example from the wonderful James Bond thread.

The London Lounge is a forum dedicated to the art of bespoke clothing, especially of Savile Row tailors. Their membership may be smaller than other clothing forums, but they are quite passionate. They even have an exclusive "Cloth Club" that offers weights and patterns of fabric that haven't been offered for more than half a century. While I'm quite content with solid and pinstriped worsteds,* this is the perfect place if that's your bag. They're also a very helpful bunch for those with $4000 burning a hole in their pocket who want guidance on purchasing their first bespoke suit.

*Okay, maybe the occasional herringbone or Glen plaid if they're boring enough.


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