Some things just aren't meant to be.

There are many things the trad or preppy crowds are into. Tassel loafers. Patch tweed sport coats. Embroidered lobster shorts. But does it become groupthink and just following another clique's fashions when they have no redeeming value whatsoever?

I want to like L.L. Bean's Norwegian Sweater. It's made in Norway (which is a pretty great country), hearty as hell, warm, and water resistant but... how can I put this delicately?

It's an aesthetic atrocity.

Far from the draw of timeless classics, it looks like it jumped right out of an '80s John Hughes movie. I can't see what the appeal is. My friends once made fun of my Fair Isle as a "Cosby sweater." You can imagine what they'd say about this. The repeating slash pattern, as simple as it may be, is ridiculously ugly and dates quite badly. This is just one man's opinion, however.


  1. You're 100% right, though it's heresy to say as much on many a forum

  2. As you say, one man's opinion...I bought that sweater because I like the way it looks. My wife is also Norwegian and I was looking for a hearty, warm sweater. My complaints relate not to the look but the fit. The neck is tight and the sweater is about 3 inches too long. I have to bunch the extra fabric at the bottom and the thickness of the wool causes a big roll.

  3. Why would you need such a sweater down in Florida anyway?

  4. Rich: I'm glad you like the pattern, but I can't get over it. I don't like a baggy fit either, so I guess it's another reason for me to hate on it. :)

    Anon: I'm sure you think it never gets cold in Australia either.


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