Allen-Edmonds Strawfut (re-)released

These seem like the perfect thing for a warm spring or summer day. The mesh (linen on one version) lets air flow through the shoe and keeps your feet cooler. It's a great innovation... one that's over half a century old, since these originally debuted in the 1940s. Surprising to me that they didn't re-release these sooner or already have them as mainstays of the AE collection. Maybe they're too "weird" for a lot of modern men.

It's mostly offered in casual colour combinations, but what's interesting to me is that there's an all-black version. Would the nylon mesh be too casual for a suit-and-tie office or would no one notice anyway? I'm interested in any opinions on this.

By the way, they've recently expanded into golf shoes and have a pair inspired by the Strawfut.


  1. I have just received a black/black mesh pair of the Strawfut. They are spectacular. I will wear them with ALL my blue and grey suits this summer. I will reserve them for special outings at first but as I wear them more, all bets are off. Gorgeous shoes.

  2. Too bad you're anonymous... I'd really love to see how well they work.

  3. I wouldn't mind seeing pics, but I'm not sold on the black/black Strawfut. To me, the informality of the mesh would contrast too much with the formality of the colour. Maybe someone can provde me wrong.


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