The short and tight look

It seems the trend right now is to make everything as cropped (too short) and fitted (tight enough to pull in several places) as possible.

My biggest problem is this: How the heck are you supposed to keep your shirt tucked in if the tails are so short and the trousers sit so low on the hips? From my experience wearing such clothes, every time I'd sit up, sit down, turn around, reach over, or do anything besides look like a mannequin my shirt would pull halfway out. Is this fashionable? Does it even look good if you do more than strut on the runway?

It defies common sense... as does a lot of fashion.


  1. This is the worst look ever and I can't wait until it is over. I don't know how anyone over the age of 16 can even think about wearing the "skin-tight-yet-I-have-poop-in-my-pants" look.

  2. I agree. I don't mind things that are fitted. (see "Mad Men") What I can't stand are things that are impossible to move in without feeling like you're going to bust a seam.


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