Not letting the clothes wear you

Occasionally I burst into a cacophony of incomprehensible gibberish that needs to be decoded by a special translator. This article is what resulted from one such occasion.

Some friends have commented that they don't feel as comfortable as I do in say, a coat and tie or even just a shirt tucked into khakis. I never thought the latter was a big deal, but apparently it is! What you need to do is own the look. In other words, wear the clothes and don't let them wear you. While it sounds suspiciously like a Russian reversal joke, it's actually the best advice I've ever gotten from clothing forums.

Sean Connery reportedly slept in his suits to prepare for the role of James Bond.

What helps is wearing tailored clothing in the comfort of your own home. I know it seems silly to "get gussied up" in a suit and tie just to surf the internet, read a book, or watch television, but it actually helped me out considerably. Once I was comfortable wearing a suit and tie just lounging around, it helped my self confidence and composure greatly when I went out to dinner, a friend's play, or someone's graduation. I started getting better and more compliments than I originally did. No longer were people occasionally saying "nice tie" or "nice suit," they said I was well dressed or, better yet, "You look great."

Now, you may have heard that, when sitting down, one should unbutton the coat to prevent bunching and pull up the knees on the trousers to preserve the crease. The latter is especially helpful if you cross your legs or wear a more fitted trouser. Some may say, "Hold the front door -- how am I supposed to not look self conscious when I'm fussing with my clothes?" Again, practice at home and this will become second nature. If you look at any well dressed movies or television shows there are guys doing this all the time without making a big show of it. Mad Men is a particularly good example.

Just try to relax and not make a big deal of the fact that you're wearing something nicer than usual. It goes a long way in others' perception of you and may even help you get the girl and save the day.


Okay I lied.


  1. Here here! You nailed it perfectly.

  2. I really must have nailed it if you needed to say it two different ways!

    Thanks for the comments. :)

  3. I like your idea of "practicing" wearing better clothing until one feels at ease in them.

    (PS- Please consider my comment sincere, even though I've only said it once.)


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