When nobody's looking...

Anyone who says Brooks Brothers has always been a bastion of conservative style needs to check their references.

Conveniently doubles as a costume for a magician or clown.

Found this amusing shirt when looking through the infamous AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange thread. Brooks Brothers is known for making "fun" casual shirts that have different coloured sleeves, front pieces, back, and collar in the same pattern. However, up until now I've never seen one for wearing with black tie and could have never imagined it. The best part is that no one will know unless you remove your dinner jacket or, for some reason, they get a good look up your sleeves. Sadly for those interested, it has already been sold, so if you want one you'd better have it made up custom.


  1. NICE Find!! My local shirtmaker showed me a black tie shirt that had the back and sleeves done in a WILD purple pattern. Same premise; not noticed unless the jacket is removed. My next formal shirt will be made this way!


  2. Yeah, it's so crazy and genius at the same time that even I'd consider getting one.


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