Norman Hilton revival

I'm pretty sure Nick Hilton's revival of his late father's name, Norman Hilton, has the exact cut I'm looking for. I generally like my jackets with a natural shoulder line, straight hanging shape, narrow lapels, and trim sleeves. This goes for whether they're a three-roll-two sack or darted two button jacket. Usually, if some companies get one thing right, they'll get other things wrong. They've got it all right, down to the shape of the 3" notched lapels. This probably has to do with the fact that they're using original 1963 patterns.

I've heard great things about the sport coats, and if they're anything like the natural shoulder ones I've thrifted from that era, they must be worth it. I've heard not so much about the trousers though. Can anyone give me some insight?

In any case, $695 (30% off right now) is not asking a lot when you consider that the cut and quality of other manufacturers around that price range has gone downhill... not naming names, but these companies were instrumental in the Ivy League look yet hardly seem to care anymore.

"Wear Norman Hilton and you too can lay on a stack of logs and plaid blanket."


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