Review: The Tie Thing

This isn't going to be a very long review, given the nature of the product. However, I'll say that this is a must have if you hate tie clips/slides, tacks, chains, or any other visual means of securing your tie to your shirt but still want to avoid "Inappropriate Tie Behavior". Even though I far from hate tie jewelry, there are some situations where those might come off as too fussy or casual, which The Tie Thing is perfect for.

The packaging and marketing is very slick. It's unfortunate they don't have much of a retail presence yet, since they are clearly equipped for it. I could easily see these selling anywhere from J. C. Penney to a fine men's haberdashery. The package I was kindly sent by company president Melissa Kane came with three different Tie Things, white, light blue, and medium blue. They are barely noticeable, especially when wearing a coat buttoned up and a coordinating colour to your shirt. Like a tie tack with chain, the design allows a bit of movement from the tie vertically and horizontally, so not many people are going to notice that your tie is anchored to your shirt besides you.

There are some minor downsides. The first is that it won't work on shirts with only six buttons in the front, such as Mercer & Sons, since the spacing is too wide for a Tie Thing. (Well, you can do it, it'll just lead to a bit of bunching in front.) Your tie must also have a keeper or at least a horizontal bar tacked tag for it to work. Unfortunately, a good amount of my ties don't have either since they are from the '60s and earlier. The instruction guide that came with it said the products were made in the USA... but handwritten below it said, "or China". That's a little disappointing. If there are specific colours that are made in China, I believe the consumer has the right to know this. I also can't imagine making, what is effectively, a strip of fabric with buttonholes is so expensive that they need to move some production offshore. There has to be a better solution.

Nonetheless, it's a nifty and ingenious little product that belongs in every well dressed man's wardrobe.

DISCLAIMER: Nouveau Vintage received material compensation for this review. However, every effort has been made to remain objective. 


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