Lands' End Casual Chino

Just got these in. While I very much like the fabric, I was a little disappointed that they didn't put in 1.75" cuffs like I asked about (and was told I could put in the special request section). Standard 1.5" cuffs. Bleh. In fact, one of them seems a bit bigger than the other! I've decided to just take out the cuffs, wash them a few times, and then hem them to the appropriate length. While Lands' End has a great return policy, it wouldn't be necessary if they'd just get some things right to begin with.

That said, they have improved the Tailored Fit greatly. The rise is no longer fashionably low (thank God, save that for Lands' End Canvas) and the thighs are much more comfortable. We'll see what a wash or two does, but already these feel better than when I first tried on the Tailored Fit Legacy Chino I got a while back.

Recently I gave them a little test drive.


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