Review: RibbedTee -- Cross Over and CoolWear

RibbedTee has done it again. Newest in their lineup is the "Cross Over" premium t-shirt that can be worn both untucked casually or tucked in as an undershirt -- akin to the Hanes of old. Additionally, they've added a Supima version of the original Classic Fit dubbed "CoolWear".

The fabric of the Cross Over is different from their other offerings in that it's a basic cotton jersey... that feels anything but basic, being a 40-singles combed ring spun. Although not Supima, it feels just like it to me. The fit is much like the Retro Fit in that it's meant to be a tad looser, but still slimmer fitting than most off the shelf undershirts. The length is just long enough to keep tucked but won't look like a dress when worn over your jeans. I think they could make a killing with these offered in other colours like black, grey, red, blue, etc. Much better than any of those crappy quality control, overpriced American Apparel t-shirts for casual wear and great as a basic undershirt. At $24 each it comes at a price, but considering what the competition charges for premium cotton jersey undershirts, it's actually a good buy.

The CoolWear undershirt is versatile in the same way that its predecessor was -- it adapts to both warm and cool weather fairly well. In hotter weather it is rather light and breathable. In colder weather, the ribs help keep in body heat. Quite nifty. The fit is quite body-hugging, but if you wear slim fit shirts this is advantageous in that it slides more easily under them. The Supima cotton is every bit as comfy as on the Cross Over though I find it glides a little more smoothly. The only point of contention is that for the price, I feel it should have shoulder and neckline taping as on the Cross Over and Retro Fit. However, if you're not willing to spend $18 for just one ribbed undershirt, the RibbedTee Classic Fit are still the best undershirt value there is for price versus quality, in my opinion.

RibbedTee continues making great products. The fit and quality for the price always blows me away, especially considering they're able to make these products in the USA. If you've never tried RibbedTee, now is the time. They've got something for everyone.

DISCLAIMER: Nouveau Vintage received material compensation for this review. However, every effort has been made to remain objective.


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