Rising above mediocrity in dress

Just read this quote and loved it:
 I do appreciate that it can be tough in a particular type of, shall we say, ultra masculine environment to be the one that rises above the 'couldn't care less' attitude and thus be subject to the occasional ridicule. I was once asked by a fellow possessed of *ahem* 'stunningly droll wit' if I was on my way to Henley Regatta, but as he was wearing trainers with his suit then I was not so deeply wounded. Communication is the goal, absolutely. I don't like to communicate that I will be intimidated by mediocrity.
My feelings exactly.

Trainers with a suit? Only if you're this guy.


  1. Who is this quote from? It's fantastic!

  2. This was from a gentleman who goes by "Shaver" on the Ask Andy Forums.


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