Nice looking new offerings from Knot Standard

Merry Christmas Eve!

A while back I talked about Knot Standard with some interest. Recently they updated their offerings a bit with three items that I'd wear in a heartbeat.

The Madison (their half-canvas line) Midnight Blue Tuxedo just came out. It's something of a replacement for the Bond Tuxedo they released last year for the James Bond 50th anniversary. I really like the shape of the shawl collar. Surprisingly classic in width, more like Tom Ford's take on the Dr. No dinner suit. Unlike that one, it unfortunately doesn't have a lapel hole, something I think looks very... old world elegant-cool. Stop making things up, Jovan. Like any dinner suit should, it has side tabs and brace buttons by default. Why would you ever want belt loops on dinner trousers anyway? (Though if it were up to me, I'd remove the option for a notch lapel. Quite useless on a dinner jacket.)
Knot Standard sponsors the first annual Black Tie Triathlon Wine Tasting.
They also released a couple more Madison flannel suits in grey and charcoal. Who doesn't want to be The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit? Flannel is something that unfortunately isn't offered as much these days along with mid to heavy weight suiting in general. You could say it's because buildings are overheated in cooler months, but that's odd considering a lot of these guys in "year round" suiting aren't wearing overcoats outside! Whatever the case, flannel needs to make a comeback. While it may not be the best at holding creases, it tailors well and has great drape. Knot Standard's choice appears to be worsted flannel, which is also good for durability.

Beautiful waistcoat design.
Don't forget, use "nouveauvintage10" at checkout for 10% off your first order of $85 or more!


  1. I can easily see Pierce Brosnan as Bond, James Bond in that vested grey. And I agree on the shawl width: just right.

  2. Interesting you say that, as nothing besides one of his dinner suits had a unique (for today) waistcoat design and almost all his trousers were pleated save for in Die Another Day.


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