Paul Evans

A new shoe company debuted this year, one that fills the niche of Allen-Edmonds pricing but with a sleeker, more European sensibility. Paul Evans was founded by two ordinary guys who wanted just that.

In speaking with Ben Earley, Head of Business Development, he told me how they appreciated all the various suit and shirt companies that have popped up in the last few years with a good price to quality ratio. However, they quickly realized there wasn't much of the same available for what you walk around in and set to working changing this.

Ben Earley pictured above.

They produce in small, family-owned Italian and Spanish factories who have been in the business for generations. While not made in the United States, they are nothing to sneeze at. There's a high level of craftsmanship in those countries. The Brando and Grant are made in Italy with blake stitching while the Cagney is made in Spain with a Goodyear welt. The latter has garnered a some attention for the almost multifaceted colour of the leather seen in person. However, Benjamin informed me that they've decided to switch to all-Italy production going forward. There are only three models/colours and nothing besides "D" width available at the moment, but their plan is to expand the available styles, leathers, and sizes next year. This would be quite welcome, as I love the look of their Italian shoes but find the sizing a bit odd. There are sizes 10-10.5 and 11.5-12 but no 11 between them. Odd.

The Cagney

One thing that struck me is how the soles match the leather. It almost makes one want to polish their soles, except that would be kind of pointless and ridiculous... right? Regardless, it's nice how that small touch makes them look more expensive than they really are. Though I'm informed that these shoes easily match ones twice their price, quality wise. Besides that, the shape is simply attractive. They look modern yet avoid modern excesses. Not a single pointy, over-chiseled toe in sight.

Leather soles in the same colour as the rest of the shoe.

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