Rolling into 2014

Happy New Year to all my readers! If you've actually stuck around, thank you for the support.

Just got back from a small, fancy dress party at my friend's house which taught me three things:
  1. You can, in fact, still play silly dancing video games comfortably in a "tux".
  2. The host will nonetheless be much, much better than you at it.
  3. People who make the effort to dress well do actually exist outside of clothing forums and blogs.

Hope everyone had a fun and productive year.

Ex-rental dinner suit, Ledbury shirt, The Tie Bar bow tie, Ledbury pocket square, lindonco09 (eBay) studs.


  1. Nice blog. Can you tell me the item name for that tie you're wearing? Tie Bar has so many. I'll be getting my first dinner jacket for company parties this year and those proportions are just right to my eye--not too narrow, not too wide.


  2. Hey, thanks Rich!

    It's their "Solid Satin - Black (Diamond Tip Bow Tie)". Here's a link for convenience.

    You can't see that the pointed ends so well in this picture, but I like those little old fashioned flourishes. If you're not fond of that look, they also sell a plain one.,72,51,108&optionValueIds=

    Part of why I got the diamond end is because the shape was slimmer.

    Hope this is helpful. :)

    1. Hey Jovan, I noticed your blog through our mutual posting on Matt Spaiser's TSOJB. I really like the black tie rig. I also finally splurged on myself this recent holiday season. Mine is a midnight blue velvet dinner jacket with shawl lapels and I also got my bowtie from The Tie Bar. Sadly, they don't offer the diamond tip model in midnight for some reasons, so I got the standard batwing. As such, I am rather jealous of your dimaond tips, good sir. ;)

    2. Brandon, thanks for the kind comment. That sounds like a lovely way to be creative in black tie without breaking it outright. I wouldn't worry too much about getting a tie in midnight blue unless the silk facings are. Even then, most won't really notice anyway.

  3. Thank you, Jovan. Keep up the good work.


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