Unwanted gift cards? Turn them into custom clothing store credit.

Knot Standard has pretty novel promotion ideas, I have to say. First was the one that included a bottle of premium Scotch whisky with certain suits. Now if you have any gift cards you know you're not going to use, you can exchange them for equivalent credit over there. Nice! I'm not sure of the logistics of it (do they reimburse the companies, give the cards to charity, give them to employees?), but in any case it's not a bad idea if you want to knock some off the price of a custom shirt or suit.
This lucky fellow evidently had enough gift cards to get a suit, shirt, and tie. Made off like a bandit...

On the other hand, if you're actually using those gift cards, you can still get 10% off your order with my exclusive code nouveauvintage10 at checkout.


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