$50 off your first purchase at Ledbury

For those who still haven't tried Ledbury, this link will get you $50 off your first purchase. Since their shirts start at $115, that's basically $65 (the price of many lower quality department store shirts) for a high quality garment. To review, they've innovated by fusing the collar bands from the outside in for comfort and better stability as well as lowering the second button so they look nicer worn with the collar open. They also use two ply fabrics and mother of pearl buttons for almost every shirt. By far they make the best off the rack slim fit I've tried but the classic fit has been said to be quite well balanced too. On top of that, the fabrics are comfortable, have tasteful patterns, and the collars and cuffs are well made.

Do give them a try. With free shipping and returns, you have nothing to lose if you're not satisfied.


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