Sock Garters

I just recently picked up a pair and so far they have been a godsend for all my mid-calf socks. It's easy to see why they aren't that popular anymore. They're often thought of as mere comedy props, look dorky, will not help you get laid, etc. To those accusations I say that the sock garter reveal in Hot Fuzz was indeed humorous, while "dorky" they serve a useful purpose, and if someone is really that shallow then they aren't worth it. Besides, they might find them an interesting conversation piece!

As with braces/suspenders on trousers there's really no need to be afraid of sock garters. They will never be seen in public, which is even less exposure than braces may get. If they are adjusted to be snug yet not binding and are worn properly -- with the buckle and clip facing outside your shin -- you'll forget you're even wearing them. Your legs won't. There will definitely be marks around your calves once removed but, to be fair, underwear does that as well.

Please pardon my pasty, hairy shins for a moment. I swear I'm not trying to be burlesque here.

Some people believe that sock garters are obsolete now. I wish that were true. But, despite the invention of elastic tops, thin dress socks are still prone to sliding down. Add to that, mid-calf styles outnumber over-the-calf tremendously on store shelves. Those great patterns and designs are far less likely to come in a self supporting version. That said, either solution for eliminating sock slippage should be considered in a well dressed man's wardrobe. Let's face it, stopping to pull up your hose every half hour is annoying and embarrassing.


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