How to Dress for a Funeral

Originally published on the Suits Unlimited Blog June 9, 2016

While this is a morbid subject, it's one that's pretty quick to address. You or someone you know may have just lost a loved one. But what do you wear to show your grief?

Many people mistakenly assume that they need a black suit. It's not quite true. In certain lines of work, it may be required for dress code, such as private security. Otherwise, a two button charcoal suit works just fine for the inevitable funeral scene. It is appropriately dark and versatile for other occasions. However, if you only have a black suit, it will work fine. Alternatively, a dark sport coat and pants can work if you don't own a suit. Some people advise against a 3-piece suit, but their formality is appropriate for most traditional funerals. Just leave any pocket chains you may own off of the vest!

With that out of the way, let's talk shirts. White is the absolute best option, it’s muted and classic. Try not to use button-down collars since they're rather sporty and casual looking. French cuffs are fine so long as they're worn with plain silver or otherwise non-flashy cufflinks.

Speaking of jewelry, no watches please. It will subtly communicate that you are keeping track of the time and have better things to do than mourn the deceased.

Ties should be dark, such as black or navy. Red, purple, orange, or green may be a little too colorful. Avoid tie jewelry such as bars, tacks, and chains.

Shoes should be black, classic, and well-polished with your belt matching them. Socks should match the suit rather than the shoes.

We hope this gives a good idea of how to dress tastefully for this occasion. Feel free to come in and ask one of our Clothing Professionals for any other advice you may need.

Pierce Brosnan demonstrates an appropriate funeral outfit.


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