How to Dress for Valentine's Dinner

Originally published on the Suits Unlimited Blog February 10, 2016

Going to that four star restaurant with the menu items you can hardly pronounce? Or maybe you're just going to dinner at a casual sit down? You could you be giving that personal touch by cooking for your date? In any case, have you considered how you're going to dress?
For many men, dressing for a date -- even on Saint Valentine's Day -- is a mere afterthought. But we'll show you how to keep on the straight and narrow of making a good impression, no matter what the place.

Option #1: The Romantic Cook

This is the most relaxed of your options. You don't want to wear anything that will require dry cleaning since you might get a bit of your "special" canned spaghetti sauce on it. You can leave the sport coat for another time in this case. A tastefully patterned sport shirt (tucked in please!), well fitting chinos or non-blue jeans, and some brown loafers will show that you care about your appearance while still catering to the more intimate nature of this date.

Option #2: Casually Elegant

It may "just" be a date at the local Olive Garden or T.G.I. Friday's, but that's no excuse to stoop to a t-shirt and jeans. Sure, that may be what every other guy is wearing. But do you really want to be every other guy? Try upping the ante with a sport coat or blazer, dress shirt, and chinos or dress pants. For extra style points, add a dash of color with one of our many pocket squares.

Option #3: Cocktails at 8

This is the ultimate date in many minds. You managed to book a reservation at that four star restaurant. There may not technically be a dress code, but we at Suits Unlimited say you should set the tone. Your date will be putting forth the effort to look good at a place like this. Why shouldn't you? Take out that dark suit you only wear for funerals and spruce it up with a french cuff shirt, patterned tie, and discreet pocket square. Black shoes and belt are a given here. A lapel flower pin is another good way to dress up your suit. The lighting will probably be dim, so don't worry too much about making colours pop. Just focus on looking like you belong there.

Good luck and happy Saint Valentine's Day!

A good example of cocktail attire.


  1. Thank you! Great advice!

  2. What kinds of pocket squares would you wear?

    1. Anything from white linen or cotton in a square fold to coloured, puffed silk would work well.


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