Review: UnderFit Part 2 -- Skin Tone V-Neck

Back in 2015, I reviewed UnderFit and very much liked the product. Paul Beck was kind enough to reach out again to me recently and ask if I wanted to try their upcoming product, a Skin Tone undershirt.

I won't subject readers to my pudgy midsection, so have this handsome man instead.

They are by no means the first to come up with this idea and it's hard to tell exactly who did first, but it's a welcome trend regardless. "Nude" undergarments have been available to women for a long time and I haven't the faintest idea why this hasn't extended to men until recently. For white shirts especially, it avoids showing through while giving the same sweat protection and comfort. I hope they'll extend this to their boxer briefs to avoid show through on very light or white trousers, especially linen. That may be seen as too feminine by men who grew up seeing this colour on women's bras and panties, but I would certainly buy it!

Having a rather European background I'm pretty fair skinned, but was assured this colour will work on anyone regardless of race/ethnicity. To my surprise, I think it works better on me than the lighter beige seen on the NVSBL undershirt I reviewed. It's darker to be sure, but stays hidden under a white shirt better. There's probably some sort of colour science behind this I don't know about, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The fit is about the same as on my last UnderFit, noting that I've gone up a size since then. It stays comfortably tucked in even if you wear it outside your underwear. Call me a "pantywaist" if you want, but I like the extra security of having mine tucked in. I can't be certain, again comparing two different sizes, but it seems as if the V-neck has been improved. The previous UnderFit's collar had a tendency to sit inches away from the back of my neck. This one sits a little closer and thus fulfills the "wear shirts with two buttons undone" part of the bargain better than before. I suspect it still sits away from the neck slightly in order to not show in the back as many V-neck undershirts tend to.

Besides the "light body hugging" fit as they describe it, fabric is where UnderFit excels. So far there's been a little bit of pilling on this fabric, which tends to happen with modal and modal blended fabrics. Not sure why this occurs on the Skin Tone instead of White, which has yet to have any noticeable pilling. I've had other modal undershirts pill regardless of colour. Some have suggested hand washing and hang drying instead. Even though I don't think one should skimp on their undershirts, one need not treat them so preciously either. It should be more than enough to wash with cold water on regular cycle and dry on low heat. It depends on who you ask whether or not this is a deal breaker. It isn't for me, though on the other hand it certainly feels nice to have newer-looking undershirts.

UnderFit has done it again and I can say with confidence it is one of my favourite undershirts and well worth the money.

Nouveau Vintage received material compensation in exchange for this review. Every effort has been made to remain objective.


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