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The disappointing white dinner jacket.
Some educated speculation on the style of Bond's next dinner jacket. I'm on board with a midnight blue single button peak lapel or double breasted, myself. Bond has not worn a single button peak lapel in 12 years -- in midnight blue for 16 -- and double breasted hasn't been seen for 39! The white dinner jacket in Spectre was rather disappointing in that it not only had two buttons and a single vent, but grosgrain silk facings. The idea was right, the fabric was nice, but the execution was far less elegant than the previous white dinner jackets worn by Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Yes, Tom Ford does actually make double breasted jackets. In fact, he wears one himself for black tie... I'd say it's about time for it to make a return.

Aforementioned dinner jacket. Great turnback cuffs!
Speaking of which, I came across this article from Gentleman's Gazette about Tom Ford. It focuses on some slightly different aspects than I did in my own article, so it is well worth a read. Gentleman's Gazette is even more traditional than me (if that can be believed) but they still appreciate the traditional details he puts into his clothes. If I had to choose one off the rack designer to wear for life, it would be Ford for sure.

He's also one of the few who regularly wears a boutonnière, something that should be more popular in my opinion.

It's all about the right attitude.
There's another great, more recent article from Sven Ralph Schneider about dressing up when others don't. I discussed a similar subject last fall, but his advice falls more under having the right attitude for it. I like the responses he and his commenters suggest for when someone inevitably asks, "Why are you so dressed up?" and will definitely use some of them myself. I haven't actually gotten much negative feedback living in the southwest, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.


  1. Gentleman's Gazette is great! What about Sven's style is more traditional than yours, if I may ask?

    I like double breasted dinner jacket, but Ford's isn't to good. If James Bond is going to wear one it needs to fit better than the previous movies with Tom Ford in charge. Everything does really.

    1. He seems to be into more vintage looks than I usually go for as well as a looser fit.

      What is wrong with the fit of Tom Ford's dinner jacket? Clothes will never look completely perfect in motion.


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