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Though not dressed for a wedding, he does look like a retired dandy.
Matt Spaiser comes at us with yet another well-researched, informative post about clothing in the James Bond movies. Though Casino Royale (1967) is indeed a spoof, David Niven gives us an opportunity to look at some older, Victorian-inspired menswear as he is playing an older, retired Sir James Bond. This morning suit is not something I'd personally wear to a wedding as the cut and fabric causes it to be pure costume, but it is nonetheless fascinating to look at.

One of the many great sport coats on sale.
Later this week I'll be putting up my first review of Spier & Mackay. When the made to measure shirt we are working on is completed, I'll be putting up a review of that. The style will be something a little extra special and with any luck, everyone will be able to order it. (Spoiler alert: Just the ready to wear shirts and ties are a very good value for the price.) In the meantime, be sure to shop their sale for some good values.


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