George Clooney... today's answer to Cary Grant?

Gotta admit, the people saying this have a thing or two to go on. He seems to have traded in his notch lapels for a classic shawl collar dinner jacket at the Academy Awards this year. Most importantly, he looks at home in black tie. I can't say that for myself, as I don't get to do it... ever!


  1. I think Grant was more stylish. Plus look at Clooney's shirt. Plastic Buttons on a formal shirt, how disgusting.

  2. I always thought he was a combo of Clooney and Clark Gable. No one will ever replace these men... but in today's times we'll take what we can get.

  3. I meant Clooney was a combo of Cary & Clark.

  4. For what it's worth, I prefer the look of hidden fronts over buttons -- which are mostly likely mother-of-pearl by the way -- but they don't look "disgusting." That's a rather strong word to use. Disgusting is wearing a royal blue shirt and bright red tie with the same dinner jacket. ;)

    And here I am, replying to comments from two weeks ago... XD

  5. With his kind of bank account anything less than mother of pear is quite disturbing. Especially when people throw around the well dressed awards; he always seems to be in the top 10. I guess I can't fault him for at least caring, to a degree.


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