Review: 319 Men's 1960s Skinny Tie

There are many patterns available, but the one I chose to review was the brown criss-cross in this picture. Trey Nantz of 319 Men/Charleston Bows has created a line of neck ties geared towards young men. With the relative popularity and success of the AMC original series, Mad Men, it's only natural that they are 2 1/4" wide and in simple, almost throw back patterns. While not guaranteed to make you a professional womaniser straight out of the era -- which is a good thing, because I'd slap you -- they are certainly guaranteed to give your suiting wardrobe a stylish, early '60s retro kick. Make no mistake, these are well made and not a gimmick item despite the way he is marketing them. While the asking price may be a little more than most department store shoppers are prepared to pay, you are paying for quality materials and workmanship all the way. The tie is "individually cut, sewn and pressed by hand" and the all-silk fabric does not feel cheap at all. It has to be seen to be believed. Getting back to the fabrics, while they aren't EXACTLY what you'd find on the show, they would look at home there. Take a look for yourself. (Keep in mind that, last I asked, he said they were going rather fast -- so these exact fabrics may not be available. Contact 319 Men for availability and pricing.) Now, while these are inspired by the '60s, purists may sniff their nose a bit. They are a modern length, about 60", which may be a bit long for some people -- like me. The wide end just barely covers the skinny end when worn, and it dips an inch or two below my belt. I'm 6'1" and a 16" neck, for context. I think 319 Men could improve it by shortening the tie about 5". There is also a self loop to hold the skinny end in place. While the latter doesn't bother me at all, some vintage clothing enthusiasts see absolutely no need for the device. Lastly, I wish the interlining was just a little less thick. My overall impression? Not bad at all. Some of the finer points could be ironed out, but if these get young men start dressing better in just the town of Charleston that can only be a good thing as it spread elsewhere. I look forward to seeing many other such projects from Trey in the future. Don't worry, I will post more pics soon. :) UPDATE: Second part with more pictures here.


  1. If you live in Charleston, or happen to be visiting for the holidays, be sure and check out the POP-UP Shop at Eye Level Art Gallery located @ 103 Spring Street. Running thru the first week of January, check details at or simply Google for details.

    Lots of vintage clothing, both men's and women's. I can't speak for the women's selection, but as far as men's clothing. Lots of good stuff! Old to newer, OTR and bespoke, classics from American and English makers, hand-made custom shirts and coats from Hong Kong, shirts, ties, hats, a nice selection...just have to browse and find your size. There are vintage items from long time Charleston clothiers(past and present)such as: Karl Karesh, Tannenbaum, Max's, and others, to more recent businesses catering to quality men's wear such as; Berlin's, A.J. Davis, 319 Men, and Grady-Ervin just to name a few. That’s just some of the local labels…

    I saw select items from: Holland & Sherry, Turnbull & Asser, Frank Rostron, Trywhitt, other great items from Bill Blass, Armani, Cerrutti, Gitman Bros, SAKs, Brooks Bros., on & on, many labels I have never seen or heard of….

    Too much for me to remember, but some very high-quality merchandise. I especially liked the vintage Hawaiian shirts and some of the sport coats. Limited opportunity to find something like a hand-made Jolida jacket from 1960's Hong Kong with matching shirts or black wool crepe blazer!!!


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