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Hello, everyone. Weekly, I'll be collecting and sharing a few links which may be of interest to those invested in menswear. Let me know what you think in the comments and what kind of content you wish to see.

Moore in a sports coat, as opposed to merely an odd jacket.
This week, Matt of The Suits of James Bond put together a very useful clothing glossary for the benefit of both his readers and those seeking clarification on menswear clothing terms in general.

I actually learned a few things myself, such as the distinction between a sports coat and odd jacket. Also, what constitutes a body coat.

Surprisingly nice looking.
Spier & Mackay debuted some washed denim shirts which are actually not bad looking at all. Most blue denim shirts are rather styleless, oversized workwear complete with brown buttons and lifeless button-down collars.

These have both long roll button-down and full spread collars available in two different washes, light and medium.

Not sure I'd wear them with a suit, let alone a tie, but they'd probably look nice with khakis. Just don't pair with blue jeans or you'll be subject to endless Canadian Tuxedo jokes.

Kind of dull for its price.
The Tom Ford Spring/Summer men's collection is here and, as usual, a mixed bag of some pieces I really like along with things you couldn't pay me to wear. (Ford, what on earth were you thinking with those splash jacquard cocktail jackets...)

Does anyone actually wear camouflage as high fashion anymore? Also, I think $535 is way too much to pay for a candy stripe OCBD with no collar roll.

The lounge suits are still pretty classic and inoffensive. If anyone wants to lend me a cool $5,180 for that beautiful blue Windsor three-piece...


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