This week's links.

Matt teaches us how to wear a boutonnière like James Bond -- or, to be frank, the only correct way!

The myth about pocket squares not being compatible with boutonnières is addressed, as is when they can be worn.

Spier & Mackay has been steadily adding to their New Arrivals with some suits, sports coats, and shirts for the spring season.

As with all their other offerings, these are surprisingly affordable for the level of style they have. In particular, the jackets are a respectable length, have medium width lapels, and a good button stance on top of it all. Keep posted here, I'll have a review of a couple shirts and tie bought from them soon. I am also in talks with the owner about getting a special made-to-measure shirt.

Black Lapel has some "back in stock" spring fabrics for those who want to get a jump start. I'm digging the Light Gray Glen Plaid, myself.


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