Blast from the past

Well, we've been on the subject of boutonnières and evening attire. So here are some photos from my prom, back when I was younger and thinner, for you all to laugh at. I was attempting a white tie look, but unfortunately was not well educated on it yet. Oops. If I just switched out the shirt, tie, and waistcoat for the marcella options I would have been fine. Despite that, I got a number of favourable comments, one comparing me to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

At least I wasn't the guy (bless him) who mistakenly wore a morning coat and striped trousers. Just shows how... "knowledgeable" these staff are when they won't steer you away from an outfit totally inappropriate for the time of day. Lesson learned? Consult the internet first. For any teenagers reading who are planning to go to prom next year, this little guide will come in handy.


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