Knot Standard, first impressions

This little company had me interested since last fall when they introduced the "Bond Tuxedo". While not officially available anymore, you can request that they replicate the style using this or this blog post as reference.

They claim to be fully bespoke, though whether or not this is the proper use of the term is debatable since measuring is mostly done online. However, it does seem that patterns are created for the customers from scratch rather than adjusting a pre-existing pattern. They are also quite receptive to special requests for style and fitting needs. That said, I wish there were more style options on the website already. Things such as brace buttons and side tabs (they use the buckle type) need to be specially requested since belt loops are the default. At least those are standard on the dinner suit as they should be. Belt loops on dinner trousers are like... um. A witty metaphor I can't think of right now. But I think the same thing of three piece suits. For example, the Madison Navy Flannel looks nice apart from that damn belt buckle showing beneath the waistcoat. The peaks are well proportioned, though appear wider than their claim of 3.15". Perhaps a mistype? They look closer to 3.75".

Not bad, but the model could really use some braces.

Besides the now-standard options of measuring from the body or a well fitting garment, a curious measurement option they offer makes use of your webcam to calculate your body's dimensions. You wear dark, tight fitting clothing in front of a blank wall and hold a CD/DVD. I infer the latter is a standard reference to base every other measurement on that most people own. I don't know if this produces consistent results, but will give it a try sometime. I remember reading someone who said it was a bit off, but cannot find the review now. But if you're lucky enough to live in New York City, you can get an appointment to be measured at their showroom.

What's even more curious is that the suits are made in Dubai, which isn't exactly the cheapest place you could go to make clothing. But the quality looks pretty good from what I can see in various photos on the internet, at least as good as my Black Lapel suit.

In the future I'll purchase and review one of these suits. If any of you want to try them in the meantime (let me know how they are if you do!), use "nouveauvintage10" at checkout for 10% off any order over $85.


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