The Sweater Tuck (Or, That Dorky Thing No One Actually Does Anymore)

Probably won't do it much, if ever again, but I decided to try tucking in a Merino sweater this last Friday. No one in person said a thing (perhaps they were too afraid to tell me I looked ridiculous), but it got a mixed reaction at the Ask Andy About Clothes Forums. Some said it was a good look, others hated it, and yet another said that I should only tuck it in when wearing a sport coat. Huh.

Yes, yes, the chinos are a bit of a wrinkly mess, but I only noticed after the pictures were taken and it was time to go out. C'est la vie.

My significant other catches me in a candid moment of fussiness.

Many are probably already familiar with this look from Ralph Lauren catalogues, though it seems to have been a thing over half a century ago.

From a blog article that asserts knits should never be tucked in. I am quite curious where they found the photos.

Thoughts? Hate mail? Death threats?


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