Even More Warm Weather Shirts

Naturally, as soon as I posted what I did yesterday, I found out there were more options from brands I follow.

A classic madras button down collar shirt.
Ratio Clothing has released some new chambrays, natural stretch poplins, madras, and other fabrics. Their lookbook was shot right here in my state, which is appropriate since two of the new patterns are named after New Mexico cities. Stretch shirtings usually remind me of those overpriced 1MX shirts from Express, but I own a couple pairs of stretch chinos. (What a hypocrite, right?) These are probably much higher quality than that, being of 100% cotton and simply woven to act like there's a bit of spandex. There are many wool suitings which are woven this way as well, so it follows that someone would have found a way to make this work with cotton. The madras is stylish, but sadly not for me anymore. I'll leave it to the Trads who can pull it off.

The French front is a good choice for a casual shirt.
Black Lapel is also showing off some new cotton linen shirts. It is argued by some that a blend of cotton and linen is better than pure linen for its slightly higher wrinkle resistance and even that it wears cooler. The two blended shirts I've gotten before work pretty well, but I cannot say with authority that they are any better than pure linen since I've never worn one.

Speaking of casual wear, would anyone be interested in seeing more of mine? There are many pieces I haven't shared here (or, more accurately, on my Instagram) and I've mostly focused on suits. Seeing the same two or three suits can get a little monotonous even if you like them. My push this year is to have more casual to business casual appropriate outfits. Let me know what you think.


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