Interview suits and still more warm weather options.

Black Lapel just published some tailored clothing makeovers for people who are job hunting as part of their Year Up affiliation. If anyone is curious what their wares look like on bigger men, or women, this is a good place to start! My only bit of constructive criticism is that, in the case of the former, the trousers need to fit looser in order to flatter them. Otherwise, I think they'll be pretty successful in their search for employment. The suit looks great on Izzy, proving that a masculine cut can still work well on a feminine body. But really, we've always known this if you look back at the likes of Bianca Jagger and Marlene Dietrich.

They've also released a couple new colours of summer shirting for their Savoy line in Giro Inglese weave from Canclini. I've never heard of this type of weave before, has anyone else? It states on the product page, "Please note this fabric is slightly transparent." So, maybe somewhat close to voile in execution. But unlike voile being like an airy version of broadcloth, this is more akin to a breezy, woven version of polo shirt mesh.

We also have a selection of cotton/linen trousers from Spier & Mackay. Much like their previously released fresco trousers, these have side tabs and thus do not need a belt. Though side tabs are often associated with suits, they are perfectly acceptable with odd trousers.


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