Warm Weather Shirts

What they call "semi spread" I'd call full spread.
Spier & Mackay will be debuting a warm weather essential, Irish linen shirts. They come in a few different patterns and semi spread or button down collars. Irish linen makes up well as a pocket square, so it would be nice to see those in the future. They are also preparing to release some cutaway and button down collar polos, the former of which reminds me of Kent Wang's own offerings. Far as I know, they were the first one to do cutaway collars on polo shirts and everyone else followed suit soon afterward. Rounding this out is a selection of summer sport coats in their Neopolitan cut.

Of course, having the confidence of Roger Moore helps.
Speaking of warm weather attire, The Suits of James Bond also has an entry on voile shirts. This is a rather underappreciated shirting fabric given its breezy properties and generally only made by bespoke shirtmakers. Certainly, the transparency may turn off a lot of potential wearers, but double fronted shirts are commonly made for this reason. For black tie or any other occasions where the jacket will stay on, this is not as much of a concern and comfort can take priority. Black tie also has the benefit of offering pleated or marcella fronts to further conceal anything that the wearer may not wish to show. Undershirts are an option, but it could be argued this defeats the purpose or will be too noticeable. I do not own any voile shirts myself and thus cannot speak to whether or not skin tone undershirts, such as those from UnderFit and NVSBL, work as intended with them. Double flapped pockets could be a way to avoid embarassment while getting the comfort of a single fronted voile shirt, but this should only be done on casual shirts. I have a couple of white and light blue linen shirts with them.

Of course, this is all speaking from a male perspective. People of other genders might wear a skin tone camisole underneath no problem, as this is generally expected in sheer women's garments which are often made from voile.


  1. "People of other genders"? I'm confused.

    1. What are you confused about?

    2. There's one other gender.

    3. I'm also referring to people who are non-binary. I have three friends who go by "they/them" or both male and female pronouns.

      Some more information:


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