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A rather warm shade of khaki.

Cotton twill suits are a warm-weather classic and Black Lapel is finally offering them, much to my delight. I recommend requesting the jacket half-lined (as with my suit) or unlined (as with their hopsack blazers) for extra ventilation. Getting the trousers unlined as I did may also be worth it. For those who want a more office-appropriate suit, their blend of 75% wool and 25% linen is still sold in four different colours.

Bond respects the custom of removing shoes visiting Japan.
Wearing slip-ons as he does certainly eases this trasition.

What is the proper etiquette for shoes when entering a home? Matt Spaiser discusses this through the lens of James Bond's experiences with removing or leaving his shoes on. There is also some very spirited discussion in the comments! Some apparently feel quite strongly about hosts who expect their guests to remove their shoes.


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